Racom Products  manufactures multiple & single port digital announcers, message repeaters, messagerepeater, feedback elimination equipment, zone paging systems and station identifiers.  Custom modifications are available.


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Model 900S - Digital Message Repeater

  The 900S will play your recorded audio message as needed. This is a digital audio message player and repeater which is push button, timer or motion activated. You can record the message yourself with an included microphone. The message may be up to 6 minutes long. 900S applications include Alarm Announcing, Warning Messages or whenever messages need to be delivered repeatedly without failure.  

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Model 701 - Morse code station identifier

  RACOM'S Model 701 Morse code identifier is an inexpensive way to identify your radio station's sign.  

Four distinct operating modes make the Model 701 versatile and easy to use. Its many programmable features are programmed by a personal computer or at the factory. This Morse code station identifier which will fit any communication need. Adjustable parameters allow for an easy interface with any transmitter, base station or repeater while rugged design keeps it maintenance free.  

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Other Racom Products models have been discontinued.

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Email: info@racominc.com